24 pcs Rose Color Matching Line Press On Fake Nails



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The package contains 24 nail pieces and 1 g of glue


Note: There are 24 pieces of nails in this set and 12 sizes. The following sizes are manual and there will be some deviations. 



Usage method:

1. Take out the nail file and slightly polish the nail surface to remove grease

2. Wipe the nail with a cleaning piece until it is clean, and then dry it

3. Select the nail piece with appropriate size, apply the glue on the one side of the nail or stick it on the back of the nail piece with back glue

4. Press the nail piece from the root of the nail to the front edge of the nail for about 10 seconds until it sticks firmly

5. After pasting, trim the edges with a nail file and make them neat


Removal method:

1. Dip the nail remover with an orange stick

2. Gently lift the nail piece along the side gap with an orange stick

3. Pry it many times until the nail falls off

4. After removal, use nail protection products to care for nails

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